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We offer one-time treatments and also weekly service treatments,
"Treatments can also be packaged with your poop scooping service"

Flea and Tick Lawn Applications

 Are you fighting to keep those creepy critters away from your pets. Do it seem like the more you have preventatives for fleas and ticks on your dog, some how those bugs still find their way onto your pet? That is because fleas can lurk in the grass,bushes & flower beds as well. WE CAN HELP! We have an organic flea and tick treatment that is guaranteed to keep those bugs away from your yard without breaking the bank. Scoopy Do's will treat your lawn on a specific day that is to your liking and will return on that day for weekly treatments. We guarantee not only will your dog enjoy your yard again but you can too! "All of our products are Natural and safe for your pets, your lawn and your flower beds!"
We offer weekly treatments and one-time treatments just give us a call!
Our flea and tick applications gets rid of the following insects for up to 8 weeks after treatment: 
Repels the following insects:
*Ticks, Deer Ticks, Brown Dog Ticks, Lone star Ticks
*Mosquito's, No Seeums
*Ants, Foraging Fire Ants
*Crickets, Mole Crickets, Grass hoppers
*Beetles, Japanese Beetles
*Sod web worms, Millipedes, Cut worms, Army worms,Tent caterpillar
* Clove mites, Aphids, Earwigs, Sow bugs (pill bugs)
* Chiggers, Chinch bugs, Grubs and more!
 After treatment you can enjoy your yard pest free with your pet!

Urine stain Treatments

Do you have burn marks in your yard?

Urine stains is a dog owners sore eye. If you have a dog and you have a yard full of grass, then you have or have had urine stains in your lawn? Scoopy do's offer urine stain treatments to help get rid of those burn marks and get your yard back to its healthy state. One of Scoopy do's  trained professional will come to your home & treat the area on a specific day that you choose and will return to the treated area 3 more times to check on area and retreat if needed. Let us help your yard be beautiful again!

Deodorizer & Citronella Deodorizer

Our deodorizer helps to the eliminate the smells that most pet owners deal with in their yard.

Weekly on your scheduled pooper scooper maintenance day. We will deodorize every time to help with urine and feces smells. We also offer deodorizer with citronella which helps repel mosquito's & gnats as well. So you and your furry friend can enjoy your yard from day to day.

Our deodorizer is organic and natural safe for every pet and safe for your lawn and flower beds
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